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Use field

Power indicator light 
Press this key to advance paper
To prompt the paper is run out
To prompt error 
Original patented oblique paper-sensor. 
Detect the paper precisely, even if the paper is stuck to the end of paper slot or paper roll is in different position (desktop or hang on the wall). 
Special paper cutter design (the movable cutter is on the upper side).
In this case, paper jam problem can be solved by simply opening the printer cover. 
Currently ordinary printers cannot solve the paper jam problem easily, only by pull back the gear to return the cutter.

With black mark sensor. 
Optional automatically Paper-cutter module. 
Unique mechanism to make paper installation easily. 
With water-proof design. The rubber sticker in the paper outlet is able to prevent from water, oil. 
Support with ESC/POS command collection, in addition to Aclas protocol. 
POS printer: supermarket, restaurants, retails to print the sales receipt. 
Can work as a fiscal printer, by adding optional displays (client&operator) and functional keys.

With customer display.

Print Method

thermal print




150mm/s (PP7MX); 250mm/s (PP7HX)

Printer Head Life


Effective Width


Paper Width


Paper Feed

roll feeding


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