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"Orion 100F" Control Cash Register. Basic information
Use field
CCR is intended for mobile way use in trade, catering, and service spheres.
Power supply is applied by two variants:
- Supply by accumulator 6V, 1.2 As; (or 3.2 As)Or from external power supplies 15V, 1.7A
- Supply by accumulator 6V, 1.2 Asl; (or 3.2 As) By charging opportunities by outside charging appliances.
CCR basic opportunities.
Basic technical feature Receipt and control strip is printed separately. Receipt strip is printed during sale, but control strip at the end of working shifts or when electron register book is filled out.
Table 1.
Digital indicator, digit 12
Number of additional indicator sings 24
Quantity of digits of sum total (before comma, after comma) 13,2
Quantity of digits of sale amount 8,2
Quantity of digits of sum total by receipt 9,2
Number of departments 4
Number of cashiers 2
Cashiers code programmed  
Number of goods code 1500
Quantity of price digits 8,2
Number of TIN 4
Quantity of digits in tax degrees 2.2
Number of address lines 5
Number of symbols in the line 32
Number of payment ways 3
Number of programmed discounts 3
Number of programmed additions 3
Number of saved sales in electronic register book 1000
Period of data holding, year 10
Paper width, mm 57+0,25
Printing speed, line/second, minimum 4
CCR connecting time, second, maximum 30
Working time by charged accumulator, hour, minimum 20
Period of data saving in electronic book, after switching off, year 6
Working temperature, degree -20+/-45
Weight minimum, kg 1,5
Overall dimensions, mm 240 *250*80


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