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Use field

1. You can use single key to sell PLU quickly. Clerk can operate this scale without training.
2. This scale has 112 direct keys (224 hotkeys can be set) and can set hotkeys for most of the common goods.

1. POS program can be updated through PC in order to keep advanced and up to date.
2. FlashRom protection function assures the security of program and source.
3. Keyboard can be washed. It resists sewage with great validity.
4. Printer is designed elaborately and not subject to roll paper.
5. Barcode rotation can prolong the life of printer head. Printer core can be adjusted according to label paper.
6. Printer can load 1000 pieces of label paper while other printer can only load 800 pieces of label paper.
7. There are several package methods (fixed weight, fixed price and limited weight). Barcode printer is specially
8. Piece together function can gather several kinds of commodity as required such as fruit basket.
9. 12000 pieces of PLU can meet all kinds of demand.
10. Every piece of PLU can be set to use multiple labels.
11. Every piece of PLU can use single barcode format, which resolves the coding problems during selling.
12. Every piece of PLU can use single metric unit.
13. Numeric unit can be defined by user such as block, package and entries.
14. Sufficient PLU message includes barcode format, live commodity Code and package type and so on.
15. Label can be printed in rotated position.
16. Support Ean-8, Ean-13 code, and 18 code and resolve the coding problem of live commodity.
17. Special barcode type for the convenience of live commodity lot management.
Convenient, flexible and powerful software support.
1. What you see in label designing is what you get. Label size can be selected. Volume of smallest area can be created
according to user. Thus we can decrease cost greatly.
2. International design and supporting worldwide language make it unnecessary to add any accessory.
3. We can adjust the popular commodity at any time and improve the foregrounding working efficiency greatly.
4. Downloading data can be executed in scheduled time.
5. Background discounts fixedly.
6. Discount in different period of time. Ten discount modes can be defined and each mode has five periods of time using
different discount rate.
7. It supports broadcast downloading.
8. With the function of FTP and TCP/IP. The software supports Unix system and Internet.
9. We can set POS program parameters on PC.
10. Its management is separated into machine, commodity, and hotkey, which make usage of the scale optimum.
11. We can edit and print keyboard sheet quickly with this software.
12. Locking the POS function key can control its operation such as locking discount key and PLU edit key. Also it offers
function to unlock password.
13. It is managed by multi-user and records login information automatically in order to supervision.
14. It offers dynamic link library for the convenience of user’s second development.
Resolve segment

Power: AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz 1A
Working temperature: 0?-40?
Precision grade: ?
A/D resolving rate: 30000
Verification scale interval: LS2615ER: 0kg~6kg e=2g
6kg~15kg e=5g
LS215ER: 0kg~15kg e=5g
LS21530ER: 0kg~15kg e=5g
15kg~30kg e=10g
Number of verification scale interval: 3000
Printer driver: 24V
Number of dots/line: 448dots/per line
Dot spacing: 0.125mm
Message/weight: 24?110 dots
Price: 8?110 dots

Total price: 7?110 dots


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